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  • AXA Mandiri Socializing the...

    AXA Mandiri Director of Sales Rudy Munardi (right) sharing discussion with other speakers in the corporate gathering event “START NOW and Build a Healthy Wealthy Happy Company” in Batam on early March

    Using the theme of START NOW in "Creating Efficiency Through Effective Cost Management of Employee Benefits" Director of Sales AXA Mandiri Rudy Munardi socialized the importance of corporate protection for employees. Presenting as speaker were AXA Mandiri`s Director of Sales Rudy Munard, Manpower Chief of Batam, drs . Zarefriadi M Ed and human resources consultant from EXPERD institution Eillen Rahman, guided by MC Farhan.

    ``AXA Mandiri understands that it is important to have protection, not only for individuals but also for groups or corporations. With the protection afforded to employees will certainly lead to engagement between company and employees, so that maximum results will be obtained for the betterment of the company,'' said Director of Sales AXA Mandiri Rudy Munardi.

    Corporate event gathering in Batam is part of AXA Mandiri 's commitment to continuously educate to the importance of protecting the company to meet the needs of employees in the future. Continuing its success in educating customers on the importance of protection, AXA Mandiri expanded the audience of the event to large scale enterprises in Batam. 

  • AXA Mandiri Educate the...

    AXA Mandiri Director of Sales Rudy Munardi (middle) sharing discussion with other speakers in the customer gathering event “START NOW and reach a better future” in Batam on early March.

    In early 2014, AXA Mandiri re-invigorates the education on the importance of protection to our customer in Batam. This time, AXA Mandiri provided the education on protection and investment through unit-linked insurance for financial security in the future using our " START NOW " theme. Presenting as speakers were AXA Mandiri`s Director of Sales Rudy Munardi and investment consultant Azzaro Akino who spoke about the prospects of investment in the year of wooden horse, 2014.

    "AXA Mandiri understands that even the best financial planning, including investment can be instantly destroyed without any protection. Protection is intended to anticipate unwanted risks, and ensure your investment is maintained for future needs. If accident happened, without the protection, investments that you made will be disrupted because it is used to meet the needs of life after the accident. By having protection at the same time investing in this case is through unit-linked insurance, the public will be able to feel two benefits at once , protection plus investment'' said AXA Mandiri Director of Sales Rudy Munardi further.

    This event is part of AXA Mandiri 's commitment to continuosly educate customers about financial planning, in order to meet their future needs.

  • AXA Mandiri Produce Qualified...

    Board of Directors and Commissioners AXA Mandiri present award recognition for outstanding Financial Advisor

    AXA Mandiri has produced an army of qualified sales force to be located at Bank mandiri branchs across Indonesia since 2003. In order to build expertise of our sales force, AXA Mandiri organized various trainings, event and convention such as Indonesia Bancassurance Blueprint (IBB). IBB has been held since 2006 in order to improve sales force capabilities. During IBB, the sales force are refreshing their knowledge and being debriefed in providing financial consultation. 

    This year, IBB is held with the theme "Superstar" and was attented by around 1000 sales force reinforce the spirit of professionalism. Through the values of excellence, professionalism, integrity, innovation and customer focus, AXA Mandiri sales force are ready to face the challenges in life insurance industry. AXA Mandiri also presented award recognition event for outstanding sales force personnel.

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